It has underground parking and parking space at the door for people with disabilities.


Rights and obligations of the Tourist                                                                            Executive Summary PET Rojales

Formulation of claims by users of tourist services:



Rojales Tourist Information Office

The main objective of the Rojales Tourist Information Office is to provide visitors with complete information on both the municipality and the region, in order to facilitate their visit and value the resources of the destination, thus participating in the promotion of Rojales and its surroundings.
For this, the Tourist Information Office has a quality management system that facilitates continuous improvement and provides the necessary tools for the correct management of its resources, its premises being:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of visitors, meeting their expectations and being able to offer the information they need to make their visit as enriching as possible.
  • Address complaints and suggestions from users who receive tourist information, in order to improve the service provided.
  • Commit ourselves to continuous improvement, ensuring the effectiveness of the quality management system and optimizing the processes in the provision of the service.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and other application requirements.
  • Maintain the professionalism of the service, improving the qualification of the staff through continuous training, as well as motivating them to increase their involvement in the implemented quality management system.

This policy will be communicated to all the people who provide services at the Rojales Tourist Information Office. It will also be published and will be available to office users, as well as to all interested parties, being periodically reviewed for its continuous adaptation.
Rojales, as of September 13, 2022



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