*Requirements to be beneficiaries.

– Being a victim of gender violence, people who have suffered eviction from their habitual residence, homeless people and other especially vulnerable people, asylum seekers, refugees, stateless people, victims of sexual violence.

*To be able to access this type of aid, among others, the main requirements are:

– Leasing contract in the name of the applicant, which is the habitual residence and which is registered therein.
– Not be related to the landlord.
– They will not be able to access this aid, people who have a home owned or in usufruct.
– The payment of the rental rent must be made by direct debit bank receipt, transfer or cash deposit into the landlord’s account.

*Submission of applications:

Applications may be submitted to Social Services by appointment

Telephone: 966715001

*Submission Deadline: Until March 31, 2023

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