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Dear visitor, receive a cordial welcome to our web page of Rojales.

It is our desire that this website be an effective tool to improve information and citizen participation in the municipal government and, to improve it, we invite you to send your proposals and suggestions.

Rojales is a municipality located in the south of the province of Alicante, in the region of Vega Baja, whose urban area is crossed, from west to east, by the river Segura. The population exceeds 22,000 inhabitants, of which 5,200 are of Spanish origin, and the rest make up an international conglomerate of 74 nationalities. Its urban structure is formed by two large blocks: the historic center and the urbanizaciones.

Walk for Rojales is a pleasure. Contemplating the Gardens, the Stone Bridge, the Presa and the Noria is a gift for the eyes. Visit our Museums, the Aljibes, the Cuevas del Rodeo, the Capitol Theater, the natural sites of the Marabú, the Juliana and the Recorral, serve to share our history and value the work and efforts of our people.

The cheerful, welcoming character and participative of our neighbors and neighbors, together with the cultural concerns (festivities, music, literature, theater,) and sports (soccer, golf, handball, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics …) has shaped its historical practice.

Our celebrations (Holy Week, Moors and Christians, Pilgrimage …) are examples of joy and participation. The musical performances of our music bands (one of them with almost two hundred years of existence) fill our town with harmony and color.

The slogan of Rojales essence of the garden expresses our traditional agricultural activity. The elaboration of first quality food has fostered a homemade, handcrafted, select and singular cuisine that is very appreciated by the people who visit us. You can taste stews like balls with stew, pot widow, cucorrones, leg of beef …, rice (with rabbit, serranas, vegetables, …), roasts (lamb, pork, kid, …), sausages (sausage, whites, onion black puddings) and a fine and varied confectionery based on monkeys, toas, pumpkin fritters, rice pudding, almojábanas, … Another of our lemmas is the legend of the Encanta that is strongly rooted in our municipality, which begins in Cabezo Soler and from it comes a beautiful woman of sad history, daughter of a Moorish king, who surprised her daughter given to the game of love with a handsome young man. This situation would have to be repeated on the night of San Juan every hundred years. With these brief brushstrokes on Rojales, we invite you to visit us and share experiences.

Antonio Pérez García Mayor of Rojales

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