The Hon. Diputación Provincial de Alicante, has adopted by agreement of the Governing Board, 
in an ordinary session held on October 31, 2022, to accept the change request made by this City Council in relation to the subsidy granted by it through 
a resolution adopted 
on May 23, 2022 and published in the BOP no. 98, of May 25, 2022,
 within the "Call for subsidies to Municipalities and Minor Local Entities of the province of Alicante for the drafting and presentation of European projects, 
annuity 2022”(BOP 53, 03/17/2022), 
granting a change in its concept and amount, 
having approved an aid of 1,800.00 euros, 
Benefit II, European Program Erasmus + KA152. Project "Driver's Seat-Time to Take the Wheel Again" 
youth exchange to promote healthy lifestyles and new learning opportunities, resolution published in BOP 210, 4/11/2022.


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